Orry Jackson

At the age of four Orry Jackson stood on stage for the first time and moved all guests of the event to tears even then. In the period from 2007 - 2011 he was a part of the then successful boy group Part Six. Today, many years later he is a live grenade that tears down every stage.

After Top 50 hits, signing with Universal Austria, Warner Music Germany, participation in the Eurovision Songcontest preliminary round, support for Pietro Lombardi and the online success of his song with player David Alaba, his path is clearly heading towards success. In addition, Orry Jackson published new interpretations of the 90s hits "Mein Stern" (Ayman) and "Es tut mir doch so leid" (Fraz). As a songwriter he works for artists like Mike Singer, David Alaba, Ado Kojo, EnyaDres, Jellina.

Co-published with Edition El Bourno