nullsechsroy is a singer/songwriter who was born 2001 in Frankfurt a.M.
His talent was nurtured by a music affine mother and drum lessons. Music is such an integral part of his identity that, as soon as he started speaking, he started creating and singing songs.

His taste in music is nonjudgmental. He listened to everything from college rock to folklore, rap, pop, techno and everything in between.

This created a new understanding of music, which no longer follows genre restrictions. His own mental struggles, paired with empathy and over 15 years of musical practice created his ability to write music for himself and others that stands out through thought out rhyme patterns, original melodies, multi-layered harmonies, and lyrics that are relatable yet always tell a specific story effortlessly.

His own distinguishable color of voice is paired with his capability to help others bring out their best and elevate an artist through working with him/her. He has a long-lasting relationship with the Beatgees and other well renowned producers, which added a vast understanding of the industry behind music to his repertoire of skills. He masters the split between Zeitgeist and timelessness and is able to create music whose beauty anyone from 15-year-olds to their parents can understand.

Co-published with Edition Touching Screens