In 1996, NALI was born in the Charlottenburg district. As the son of a Nigerian filmmaker and a German film and theater actor, he grows up bilingual - predominantly English. Art is omnipresent at home, but also in the form of music.

The Roots and Erykah Badu are on as well as Prince and Fela Kuti. When NALI is seven years old, his father brings home a drum machine and that same day he records his first rap song. The classic rap socialization of the 2000s follows: Eminem, 50 Cent and Co. But also: beatboxing and freestyling. And above all: realization.

"In the beginning I only rapped to get recognition, but little by little I understood how much music actually means to me: how important it is for me to write lyrics and to have this outlet in the form of rap." Suddenly, NALI also hears the songs from his childhood home with a different ear. "I realized: this goes much deeper - from that moment on, my music also became more honest."

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