Mortel is a German urban artist with several national album and single chart placements, he is also an actor in many big productions. Music is his passion, however Mortel doesn't miss the opportunity to appear in TV and cinema productions by Lars Becker and play alongside the biggest in show business. He has been gaining his live experience for over 12 years, playing headlining slots at Frauenfeld with Fler and Haftbefehl. Mortel is from Congo, born in Germany and lives his life in Trier near the French border as a highly connected person in the German music industry. Milestones in his musical career are songs with heavyweight feature guests and combinations that achieved the highest attention. "Nimo & Azad", "Sido & Fler", "Olexesh & Beka" or solo single releases with Bonez MC are events with millions of streams for the German-Urbane history. Mortel tells the real stories from the street, packed on Trap or Boom Bap beats, accompanied by his powerful distinctive voice. He creates a vibe that stays in your head, a sound you can hear in your car, or in the club for turn-up ́s.

Co-published with Edition SevenStepsToHeaven