Maurice Lessing

Maurice Lessing, based in Dortmund, Germany, has been playing piano since he was three and producing his own songs for more than 10 years. At a young age he started to develop a love for soundtracks / orchestral music and electronic dance music. He produced two albums in which he tried out all directions and his soundtracks / orchestral works reached over a million views on Youtube.

In 2020 his electronic music finally started to take off. He got his first releases on the dance labels Spinnin' Records, Revealed and Hexagon and won 4 remix competitions.

In 2021 Maurice found a home for his music on Don Diablo's label Hexagon and developed his own sound. DJs like Diplo, Alle Farben and Don Diablo played his tracks on every show, over 400 DJs supported him in radio shows and all major German radio stations played his music this year.

Co-published with Edition Bad Ideas