"Oh my God, I`m kinda freakin` out" - with these words, Lena Meyer-Landrut launched not only her personal music career but also the German pop summer fairytale on 29 May 2010. As the first Eurovision Song Contest winner since 1982 and the second German winner ever, the then 19-year-old schoolgirl from Hanover captivated a TV audience of billions around the globe, who were enthralled by her natural charisma and irrepressible power. Since then, Lena has become one of Germany's most versatile, popular and successful artists, shaping modern pop music like no other.

There are things that cannot be learned. Like entertaining the audience, for example. To inspire people, to captivate them, to pick them up and take them on a journey. It's a rare gift that Lena was born with at an early age, and one that she began to exercise during her school years in the form of dance, acting and singing. At the age of 18, she qualifies to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest, which she wins at the end of May 2010 with an absolute points record for her winning entry "Satellite". The track immediately hits number one in the German, Austrian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and Swiss singles charts; in addition, her debut single is placed in various other European charts, even as far as Down Under in Australia, and is finally awarded multi-platinum for more than 650,000 units sold. And her debut album "My Cassette Player" is also awarded 5 gold medals after Top 1 entries in Germany and Austria.

A fantastic initial success, which Lena follows up a year later with her second #1 album with the self-prophesying title "Good News". After a euphorically celebrated concert tour through German halls, Lena releases her third album "Stardust" in October 2012, which enters the German longplay charts at number 2, number 14 in Austria and number 31 in Switzerland. With "Stardust", the singer reveals another artistic facet by contributing for the first time as an established lyricist and songwriter on a large part of the tracks.

After four precious metal-adorned previous albums, over two million records sold and countless awards from the MTV Europe Music Award to the German Television Award, the Golden Camera, the Kids Choice Award to the 1Live Krone, the Golden Henne and the ECHO, Lena has released her latest album "Only Love, L" in 2019 and shows herself as a woman who stands by her strengths as well as her weaknesses. Who sometimes polarises the audience, like every good artist.