KLEE (Sten & Suzie)

The story of KLEE starts in the 90s: Going by the name of RALLEY Suzie Kerstgens & Sten Servaes release 2 albums sounding unlike any other German artist around. Inspired by the likes of Blondie and The Cardigans they fuse worldly pop with German lyrics. A major car accident ends RALLEY’s carreer and forces a new beginning: The sound becomes more electronic, RALLEY become KLEE. All KLEE albums are chart successes. Singles like "Gold", "Erinner dich", "Zwei Herzen", "Die Stadt", "Willst Du bei mir bleiben“ and "2 Fragen“ gain massive airplay and accompany films, TV series and advertising campaigns (Givenchy, DB, Aktion Mensch). Nena, Gunter Gabriel, Max Mutzke and The Wedding Present cover KLEE songs, praising the duo‘s songwriting skills. The sound of KLEE creates an international aura of euphoria – undoubtedly the reason for KLEE playing shows around the world and releasing their music in the UK and the US.