Relationships between brothers are special. From childhood, the family pendulum swings back and forth between competition, admiration, anger and love. It's no different for Michael and Stefan Heinrich. Together, the two musicians form the duo KLAN - a modern pop band full of passion and contradiction, paving their way with intelligent songs. Growing up in the Saxon mini-village of Lampertswalde, music played a crucial role in the lives of both brothers from an early age. From the church choir, to street music, Stefan travels through the clubs of the republic on the guitar as part of various bands, whereas Michael decides for the time being to study medicine in the capital. In 2016 they decide to venture together. The music is created with absolute attention to detail. Between urban pulse, electronic fragments, indie aesthetics and great melodies, intelligent, pointed and emotional words make their way to the listener. Their 2018 debut album "Wann hast du Zeit?" takes KLAN on uncharted trails straight to the center of contemporary pop culture. Full of conviction and with clear points of view, KLAN are making a name for themselves in the often so content-less music circus. In the process of creating their second album they follow their path even more consequently. In absolute Do-It-Yourself manner all songs are produced by Stefan. The sound becomes more mature and their pop music more and more a genre-free playground.

Co-published with Neubau Music Publishing GmbH