Kelvin Jones

In 2014 Kelvin Jones' life turned around overnight. A good friend posted Kelvin's song “Call You Home” on the Reddit - and it becomes world famous overnight.

This is followed by a move to Berlin, the debut album “Stop the Moment”, millions of Spotify plays and YouTube views as well as gold and platinum awards - not only for his debut single, but also "Only Thing We Know", his airplay number 1-Collabo with Alle Farben and “Love To Go” with Lost Frequencies. Big successes. But also big questions: Who am I actually? And why am I even making music?

“This Too Shall Last”, the second album by Kelvin Jones, gives answers to all these questions. Some of the songs are calm and show the roots of Kelvin Jones, some show the phase of the many DJ collaborations and the fun he had to be on stage with these dance-pop songs. The album is a reflection of the ups and downs, the successes, but also the setbacks in recent years.

Co-published with Reservoir/Reverb Music Ltd.