Jalapeno Music Publishing

Jalapeno Music Publishing is the sister company of Jalapeno Records. Formed in the late 90’s, Jalapeno Records is a label that has encompassed many genres with one proviso – it’s got to be funky.

In 2009 label boss and owner Trevor McNamee signed one of the company's most successful acts to date - Smoove & Turrell and started Jalapeno Music Publishing to run alongside the label to maximise royalties for them as song writers.

Fast forward to 2020 and Jalapeno Records together with their multiple sub-label imprints and partners : Boogie Angst / Lost Tribe / Floorplay / Illegal Beats have racked up over 500 releases. They now offer a streamlined service not just for writers releasing music on our labels, but also those writing for other artists and labels and those writing specifically for bespoke sync projects.