Irène Drésel

High-colored techno, sensual and bold : voilà, a summation of the world of Irène Drésel. A hypnotic world where languid and sporty BPMs rub shoulders with crystalline melodies, foiling the expectations of techno listeners. A polymorphic artist who has left the frenzy of Paris for the calm of the countryside, Irène Drésel tends to her universe down to the smallest details, as evidenced on stage by the roses that gracefully overhang the cold steel of her machines.

Irène Drésel composes alone, but she is accompanied live by a percussionist, Sizo Del Givry, embellishing this visual singularity with a certain aura. A duo concept that nonetheless does not exclude, now and then, the one-off interventions of guests. The producer, who has given numerous concerts, has also performed at major festivals, including Le Printemps de Bourges, Ososphere, Arte Concert and Fusion Festival.

After two successive EPs, « Rita » (2017) and « Icône » (2018), her first album, « Hyper Cristal », was released in spring 2019 and her latest album, « Kinky Dogma », was released in June 2021. It highlights the repetitive and spatial nature of her songwriting, plunging us into her wild psyche to dance the night away in fields of flowers. At times frenetic and at others more solemn, the music should be experienced as a spiritual chanting, made to release our bodies into Dionysian revelries.