Greg Taro

Born in Barcelona, son to German/Spanish parents, Greg Taro initially grew up in Spain, then spent most of his childhood in Tokyo (Japan) and finally returned to Barcelona at the age of 15.

A few years later, after successfully finishing his studies and working different office jobs, a motorcycle accident throws Greg off track. A moment of clarity makes him realize that his love for music is far too great to get back into his everyday routine.

His passion for music finally draws him to Berlin, where he started writing songs for his own artist project - a mixture of latin pop and R&B. But he doesn't only limit his writing to his own music. Since language is not a barrier thanks to his colorful background, Greg has been toplining for different Spanish, English and German artist projects ranging from pop to hip hop to reggaeton as well as great writers. Sky Adams, Alex Beitzke, Tunvao and Josh Tampico are just a few names to mention here.