Genetikk are a duo consisting of Rapper Kappa and Producer Sikk. They debuted in 2010 with Foetus, an album first released as a free download. Their big commercial breakthrough was with their third album D.N.A. in 2013. Over a span of 12 years, they have released 9 studio albums. The rich discography includes hit-songs like “Trill” and “Wünsch dir was”, as well as tracks with Hip-Hop Legends Method Man and RZA.

Their latest album MDNA, released in August 2021 under their self-created label Outta This World, quickly took the Number 1 spot in the German charts. In less than half a year from the release, the album has become a classic in their career. Sikk and Kappa are masters of their craft and with each new record they are able to show their fans a new side of themselves while staying hip hop to their bones. Their motto, as they say - “Rap or Die”!

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