Edizioni Curci S.r.l.

While also delving in the fruitful realm of genres such as classical, opera and educational, Edizioni Curci is also universally known for giving voice to light and pop music tradition in Italy with internationally successful and timeless hits. Featuring artists from all over music history’s timeline, names appear such as Domenico Modugno, Giovanni D’Anzi, Pino Donaggio, Astor Piazzolla, Toto Cutugno and Giorgio Gaber, also spanning the likes of Vasco Rossi, Tiziano Ferro and Daniele Silvestri , and a catalogue that is constantly growing with repertoire from Claudio Baglioni and Antonello Venditti. Edizioni Curci covers all its bases as a publisher with the biggest names in music from yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Alfredo Gramitto Ricci heads the company as a leader who, while keeping an eye on past traditions, is able to add a modern edge to the company through precious collaboration with its general managers: Claudia Mescoli leads the Pop Music section while Laura Moro is in charge of Classical Music.
Bolstered every year, the Edizioni Curci roster flaunts songwriters and artists spread across a wide range of genres.