Crack Ignaz

First with his crew Hanuschplatzflow and later together with LGoony, with whom he released the album "Aurora", Crack Ignaz changed the sound of Deutschrap. Together with artists like the just mentioned LGoony, as well as Yung Hurn and Haiyti, Crack Ignaz popularized trap in the German-speaking world. The hip hop magazine JUICE put him on their "Deutschraps Zukunft" cover alongside Rin and Ufo361, among others, and his single "König der Alpen" became a hit with over 3 million views today. "Sturm & Drang" is the next step in Ignaz's musical development. It links artificial trap music, bubblegum pop, experiments with synths and roughness in sound, puts all this in relation to each other.

Co-published with Premium Blend Music Productions GmbH