Buddy Buxbaum

Buddy Buxbaum (born 1977 in Poland) is a German musician, producer and rapper. He is best known for his role as a member of the band Deichkind.
Deichkind was founded in 1997 by Buddy Buxbaum, Philip Grüterin and Malte Pittner. Through their debut album "Please pull through" and especially the single Bon Voyage. The second album "Noch fünf Minuten Mutti" was also able to build on this success with their single "Limit".
Buddy landed in 2006 his last big hit with Deichkind with the song "Remmidemmi (Yippie Yippie Yeah)". In 2008 he announced his exit to concentrate more on his solo career.
After a private break of seven years, Buddy Buxbaum founded the label "Holo Rec" and released his first solo work in March 2015.

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