A crisis is not nice, but it is part of life. And if you take a halfway reflective approach, you even grow from them. That was already the case with BRUNKE in 2020, when the Berlin producer, singer and songwriter exploded creatively with his EP "22" after a year of intensive self-discovery. And it's also the case in an outstanding way on his new songs, which will gradually appear in the coming months.
Ten years have passed since he started getting recoginzed in Germany with cover videos as a first-generation YouTuber alongside talents like Heiko & Roman Lochmann. Three years since he released his first EPs "Insel", "Stadt", "Welt" with his own songs, which established his signature style. Entirely self-directed, he has built a loyal fan base of over 154k YouTube subscribers and more than 42k Instagram followers, played support tours for KAYEF and Die Lochis, among others, and his first sold-out solo tour in 2019 (Richtung Ich - Tour). He has also worked as a songwriter & producer for and with KAYEF, Gromee, Die Lochis, Esther Graf and Mike Singer, among others.