Brenk Sinatra

Within the last ten years, Brenk Sinatra has become one of Europe's most recognized music producers. All German Rap generations from Old School to New Wave can agree on the "producer with a rapper’s attitude", as Morlockk Dilemma called him in his podcast. From his Viennese home base, Brenk provides numerous renowned artists both from the German-speaking countries and internationally with his unmistakable instrumentals, which have long since become his trademark.

With his instrumental releases, such as the multi-part album series "Gumbo" or "Midnite Ride", Brenk succeeded in bringing into focus the often-overlooked artistic work of music producers, who were perceived as musical service providers in the background, especially in German-speaking countries. By persistently sticking to his musical vision, BrenkSinatra's productions have become a trademark that now reaches a wide, cross-genre audience. Meanwhile, all his solo projects enjoy millions of streams.