Biztram was already dedicated to music in his school days and got to know the rappers Furore and Skire from the MOR crew in 1998. This made him aware of rap and in 2001 he released his only solo tape to date, 00/01, as a rapper via the independent label Royal Bunker. After that, he devoted himself more to music production and met the rapper Prinz Pi in 2004, with whom he worked from then on and switched to his then label No Peanuts. Biztram is responsible for most of Prinz Pi's beats, participates in lyric work and also appears as a guest rapper on several songs. He has also produced for Sarah Connor, Adel Tawil, Mark Forster, Lea, Nico Santos, K.I.Z, Eko Fresh, Glasperlenspiel, Mia, Balbina and Casper.