Michael Beckmann - bassist, film composer and music supervisor has his roots in the punk rock scene of the 80s in West Berlin and has two platinum albums with the indie pop band "Rainbirds".

Since 1990, Beckmann has been responsible as a music producer for a dozen rock albums by Extrabreit and Rocko Schamoni, among others, and as a music supervisor for more than 200 film and television projects.

As a film composer, he has written over 2 dozen film scores, including the scores for the films in the Fack Ju Göhte series, which are among the most successful German films of all time.

Highlights of his work include collaborations with Oscar-nominated directors Wim Wenders and Marc Rothemund, as well as Academy Award winner Volker Schlöndorff.

Beckmann is a recipient of the German Record Award, precursor to the Echo, the 2019 German Film Music Award, and was nominated for the Listen to Berlin Award in 2017.

He has written the music for numerous cinema and TV films, including most recently the music for the directorial works "Egalite" and "In Berlin grows no orange tree" by 4 Blocks actor Kida Ramadan.