BEC is a relentless techno talent who has got to the top in a very short space of time. She was head hunted by Pan Pot for their influential Second State label from her first release and then quickly snapped up by Carl Cox's Intec. Since then, she has released on labels such as Filth on Acid, Kneaded Pains and Drumcode. Not only has she put out her music on those labels but has also played with them as a tour member at showcases everywhere from Burning Man to Tobacco Dock and Warehouse Project. Add in standout solo shows at Columbia’s Baum Festival, Spain’s Fabrik Madrid, and Brazil’s D-Edge plus tours of Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe and you have one of techno's brightest contemporary stars.

As an accomplished and well-travelled DJ, BEC is just as high energy and works non-stop across three decks. She creates her own tension and dialogue between tracks that brings something new each and every time. By constantly weaving together heavy loops and remixing tracks on the Ny, her dark and hypnotic sets keep people very much locked in the moment.

A self-confessed "studio geek" with a dizzying array of skills and knowledge, BEC has worked with industry giants Roland and Novation doing demos and product videos. This means she very much has her own trademark sound: her tracks are perfectly weighted, well swung and built on high pressure drums. Add in the spirit of where she resides, Berlin, plus powerful, all-consuming bass and you have the key ingredients that make her music stand out. It is those same qualities that will define her brand-new label BEC. Reserved purely for her own creative output, it will be the unrestrained sound of this innovative artist in all her majestic uncompromising glory.

In 2023, BEC has performed across the globe from Bar Americas and Candy Flip Festival to E1 and Amnesia as well as even gracing Awakenings Main Stage for a second time. As such, she is set to continue as one of the genre's most exciting talents in the next 12 months