Beatrice Reszat

Udo Lindenberg calls her his authorized Hymn-Agent, Peter Maffay says, he loves to sing what she writes. Beatrice Reszat has a long cooperation with these two music legends which brought her gold and platinum awards.
Together with Udo Lindenberg she wrote the Hit “Horizont” and German lyrics for one of the worlds most famous movie songs, the title song of “Godfather”: “Stärker als die Zeit”! The album with the same title stayed at number 1 for 71 weeks and went double platinum.

Gold and Platinum for the album „Ewig“, Double-Platinum for the album „Wenn das so ist“ and Double-Platinum for the album “Tatoos”, all of Peter Maffay.

In 2019 she released her own album, “Liebe für alle” with writers and producers of Germans A-League. The album hit the charts from zero to 77.

Other co-operations:
Yvonne Catterfeld, Daniel Wirtz, Thomas Anders, Michelle, Mary Roos and others and she wrote the lyrics for the musical of Michael Endes “Never ending story”. Beatrice Reszat is also a successful book author and podcaster.