B-Case is the German prodigy of the DJ and producer scene. Born in Augsburg and raised with the rhythms of the world. But his repertoire is not limited to electronic music. Despite his young age he has already perfected his skills and gained experience in a wide variety of genres. For him, composition and writing, hence the song in its purest form, is always number one. He never wanted to only be a DJ/producer but was always looking beyond the horizon and never lost sight of his goal to be a global artist and arranger.

He produced half the German rap scene, remixed international stars like Dua Lipa, J-Lo and Miguel or Mando Diao and produced international as well as German gold and platinum acts like Juan Magán, Sarah Connor, Álvaro Soler, Nico Santos and Fake Pictures. Whenever people thought that he’d committed to a style, he came up with a different and new discipline, without losing his own personal trademark.

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