AYLN is a reference to the species who come from a different planet, a different galaxy. His friends called him that for reasons he doesn’t exactly knows, but he liked it and made it his own. It describes him and his music pretty well: Something you think you know, but realize you really didn’t, after you get to know it behind the scenes and behind the facade.

AYLN, born Rodi Cicek, was raised in Frankfurt, Germany and started to freestyle to YouTube Beats with Young AJ, later cracked FL Studio and had first cookups with Yin in their bedrooms. Time went by and they realized that they’ve build their own home stu and a fun thing became a serious thing that made fun. The young Group named NME, recorded their first tape and first hits together with nullsechsroy, travelled to Berlin a lot and now they’re here are at Touching Screens & all their friends make good art.

Co-published with Edition Touching Screens