Alice Dee

Powerful and raw, Alice Dee fires out rap lines at 140 BPM speed. No matter if freestyle or lyrics, grime, drill or trap: Alice Dee's performance is pure energy. She doesn't shoot with empty words, but spreads empowering vibes as well as strong content - be it political or personal.

Alice Dee found in lyrics early on a means of expression to channel the anger about injustice and the feeling of exclusion. Born in Hanau and landing in Nuremberg via many moves, Alice, as the eldest of four siblings, moved away from home at 17. First gigs in youth centers and small clubs followed, finally moving to Berlin in 2012. Since then Alice Dee released two mixtapes, in 2019 the EP "Wildstyles" and the following singles "Turn it up", "Freitag Nacht", "Transform" and the EP "Double Check" released in 2021.