Ali Zuckowski

The composer, songwriter and producer was born in Hamburg in 1974. Now based in Berlin, he is the creative mind behind numerous hits, amongst others for Udo Lindenberg, Sarah Connor, Adel Tawil, Helene Fischer, Sasha. Max Giesinger, LEA.

In 2014 he co-wrote the winning song for the Eurovision Songcontest 2014 "Rise Like A Phoenix" for Conchita Wurst.

After his success in 2014, he was strongly involved in the build up of singer-songwriter Alvaro Soler, who has constantly released music which has climbed and peaked charts worldwide. Some of the numerous hits Ali wrote with Alvaro are: El Mismo Sol (J-Lo), Sofia, La Cintura and Magia.

In 2021 Ali Zuckowski also co-wrote the soundtrack for Germany‘s most successfull cinema movie of the year „Die Schule der magischen Tiere“.